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Consider yourself a professional writer or editor? Looking for extra income or a full-time online job? Work from home doing what you love and get remunerated for it!

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An Opportunity For Freelancers

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We pay around $9-15 per written page which is much more than any average freelance writing company online. We pay twice a month irregardless of how much you have made - be in just 1 page or over a hundred written pages. Isn't that what you have been looking for?

Experts Wanted

JobzForWriters turns your desire of writing for money from a skeptical alternative to earn for a living to a steady and reliable flow of income combined with a great chance to make a name for yourself and set on a path of establishing great writing careers for those who never thought it was possible before. Making money writing online is real. We offer well-paid freelance writing jobs for qualified experts. Freelance writers wanted - just give it a try!

Work from home

We believe that companies can easily work with freelancers online - there is no need to sit in the office and do the same work over and over again. Being a freelance writer is a job that entitles freedom - freedom of picking the assignments you want to work and choosing the schedule that is most productive.

With JobzForWriters you can easily work from the comfort of your home office - arrange it the way you like and earn for a living doing what you love. If you are an editor or proofreader, we have a great number of customers who are looking for professionals able to make their work shine.

Many applicants ask if it is easy to join our team. The definite answer is "No". We spend much time checking every resume and sample - in fact, we have a separate department that spends days and nights picking the cream of the writing industry to satisfy the most extraordinary desires of our clients. However, it is worth the try!

Freelance Writing Jobs

A vast variety of freelance writing jobs online enables writers and editors to set their own goals and working schedules. With this kind of job flexibility there is no need for you to miss important or memorable events and activities in your life as you can build your writing time table around those. Pursuing online writing jobs is also a great way for you to save money. There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars a month on office wardrobe, public transportation, or gas. Another great benefit of choosing writing jobs from home over office space is the opportunity to save time as well – no need for long commutes, wasting time in traffic jams, or running errands for others. When you make a conscious choice to devote yourself to freelance writing jobs, you become the boss, so you're the one responsible for future failures or successes. JobzForWriters would like to offer you a helping hand in getting started and be your reliable partner through the whole process.

The writing jobs we offer differentiate in size and time required to complete them, they come in a variety of topics and issues to be discussed and argued for. Another important thing to remember is that we do not focus only on writing jobs online – we make sure that expert editors and copywriters have a handful of editing, proofreading, and rewriting jobs to choose from.

Jobs For Writers

One may argue that paid freelance writing jobs often come with a number of pitfalls to look out for. This statement is true unless you choose to work with a professional company like ours which ensures that all of the jobs for writers available on the website come from reliable and trustworthy customers. Be it freelance medical writing jobs or those from the areas of public education, fashion, or mass media, it is our responsibility to oversee how well the communication between you and the customer goes and be there in times of misunderstandings or troubles if those arise.

What Our Writers Think About Us

  • I was a little hesitant while applying as there are so many freelance agencies online. However, I am totally in love with this company now - there are literally hundreds of orders coming in on daily basis and I can choose what and when to write. Highly recommend!

    Jonathan Nolen

  • This is a wonderful opportunity for both stay-at-home and working moms. I spent months searching for a part-time job to help my husband provide for the family and JobzForWriters has come in handy. Keep it up guys!

    Samantha Grey

  • As a professional writer with years of experience in research, publication and marketing, I was looking for a position of a freelance writer to work from the comfort of my home office. This firm has all that I needed - an easy to use website, a great number of orders to choose from and high remuneration. I am totally satisfied.

    Max Carter

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Frequent Questions:

  • How often do I get paid?
  • Use a card of your choice to receive payment for your work or get the money via wire transfer.

  • Do you hire writers with little to no experience?
  • If you are a gifted writer but never worked for a freelance company before, we will definitely consider your application.

  • Do I have to complete certain number of jobs each month?
  • No, you can work as much as you like.

  • Do you only hire native English speaking writers?
  • Yes, we work primarily with experts from US, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

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